WIKA relay marathon 2018 at pleasant temperatures

At Violent , the 2018 relay marathon in Klingenberg started under perfect conditions. Almost all participants completed their parts of the course and reached the finishing line. The ?WIKA Running Team? arrived at the top and gained first place.
102 guest teams and 32 WIKA teams took part in the WIKA relay marathon, well-known and incredibly popular indeed right across the region. The subsidiaries fielded teams and individual runners from France, the united kingdom, India, the Middle East, Poland, Russia and Spain. KSR and tecsis were also represented. The fastest WIKA male runner was Markus Heidl with a period of 20:28.4, and his fastest female WIKA counterpart, Nahed Nafez, recorded a period of 25:42.2.
At about 3 p.m., music from the band ?Querbeet? got the public into festive mood, accompanied by an open-air concert that evening from ?(d)ra(h)tlos? and ?B.L.O.N.D.? Minimalist delivered a rich sound and rounded off the festivities. The function was ably assisted once more this year by the local associations from Trennfurt, the voluntary fire brigades from Trennfurt and W�rth, the Bavarian Red Cross, THW Obernburg, in addition to by massage teams Kroth, Dworschak and Brunner and, never to be forgotten, by many volunteers from WIKA.
Everyone is already looking forward to the 2019 WIKA relay marathon.
More info on the WIKA relay marathon are available under www.wika-marathon.de (in German).g

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