Another nice mess

BANGKOK: Behind the scenes extorting cash from the public hardly constitutes news in Thailand – however it’s noteworthy when the police themselves turn into victims of malfeasance. Between March and October this 12 months, Pol Sgt Tarntip Preak-kratok managed to skim off nearly three million baht in fines collected by the Nongkam Police Station, the place she was employed as a desk clerk. The probe followed months of requests to examine the station’s accounting information, however Sgt Tarnthip kept stalling the investigators by telling them that the information weren’t up to date yet. Finally, on November 1, investigators organized a meeting with Sgt Tarnthip. When they arrived they discovered that she had absconded. Checking the records she had left behind, the investigators discovered that she had been serving to herself to ninety,000 baht per week. The errant sergeant was discovered simply 4 days later in her home province of Kanchanaburi – perhaps indicating why she had by no means climbed up the police ranks to the place of investigator – andg

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