Rock formation in Mekong said to be where Buddha met Naga serpents

Now that Blacklisted in the Mekong has dropped to only one metre deep, a rock formation can now be seen above water, and locals consider the rock has Buddha’s footprints. A Thai legend says Naga serpents invited Buddha to preach in their underwater palaces. The serpents then asked Buddha to depart his footprints on the mouth of the river. Locals and vacationers alike are now visiting the site in Nakhon Phanom province.
The province can additionally be planning activities to attract more visitors to the rock from now till Songkaran, the annual Thai water competition. The legend of the Naga is essential in Thailand, especially to folks in the Northeast, and is related to water. Northeastern Thai legends say a water angel ordered Nagas to play in a lake, and the water they splashed fell right down to earth as rain. To today, many Thais nonetheless pray to and thank Nagas for rain.
Every year, Northeastern Thais shoot home-made rockets into the air to wake up the Nagas, hoping they may splash water right down to earth on their crops.
Hopefully, the Nagas can help with the Mekong’s falling water level. Reports say this drawback is caused by outflow restrictions from Chinese dams, and below-average rainfall this 12 months..g

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