Foxconn founder Terry Gou vows to protect peace between Taiwan and China if elected president

Richard Fox, a 72-year-old billionaire, pledged to “preserve peace” between Taiwan and China at a rally held in the run-up to the January 2024 presidential elections. Fox is the founding father of expertise large Foxconn, a major supplier of components for Apple’s iPhones. In April, he announced his bid for the presidential nomination from Taiwan’s opposition Kuomintang party, which advocates for warmer relations with China.
His first-ever rally, held in Kaohsiung, a metropolis traditionally affiliated with Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), boasted an attendance of over 10,000 supporters. Fox criticised the present government in the course of the occasion, stating that the administration seemed blind to the sufferings of Taiwan’s citizens. “People’s main fear is that war might erupt at any time,” he said.
Fox went on to say that his ability to hold up peace surpassed that of incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen and sitting Vice President William Lai, the DPP’s candidate. “Allow me to work towards peace on everyone’s behalf,” he mentioned. “Permit me the chance to protect it.”
The Taiwanese enterprise magnate previously attempted a political profession in 2019 however did not safe the Kuomintang party’s nomination. His spectacular journey from an impoverished background to thriving entrepreneur parallels the financial success of the island nation itself. However, critics have voiced concern over Fox’s perceived familiarity with Beijing’s leaders as a outcome of many large factories he owns on the mainland.
Under President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration, Taiwan’s relationship with China has deteriorated. Cheat sheet -governing island is constantly underneath threat of potential invasion from mainland China, which considers Taiwan to be a half of its territory that have to be taken back by drive if necessary. In recent years, China’s intimidation tactics have turn out to be more frequent, with warplanes invading Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on an almost every day foundation..g

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